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"Everything you do in racing requires an intense level of concentration and focus. Once I get strapped into the car, the rest of the world fades away. All the work & preparation, sponsor relations, hospitality, all fades into another world. Just driving a car like this at this level requires a mental focus that just leaves no room for any thing else. I once heard motor- sports described as loud, fast, colorful and patriotic. Its like stick and ball sports but with live ammunition."
                      - Brad                           
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"In 1987, I won a pretty good camera outfit in a sales contest, and bought in as a part owner of a top fuel dragster. This gave me access, and, combined with my passion for racing, and began to capture some pretty good photos. One thing led to another. I made some contacts in the IMSA and Indy Car Series and started to do photography for a few teams."

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Brad Bernstein Racing 2010
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